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Meet Our Members

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North Dakota United proudly represents public workers in every community of our state. Our members include:

  • K-12 teachers
  • Education support professionals
  • Higher education faculty & staff
  • State, county & municipal employees
  • Retired public workers
  • Students of education

Their stories are your stories. They proudly serve all of you, and North Dakota United is the union who serves them.

We’re your favorite teacher from your days in school. We’re that professor who inspired you to be the best possible version of you. We are the professionals who keep your air and water clean. We plow the snow and ice off off the roads. We drive your kids safely to school and home on the bus each day. We are your neighbors, your family and friends. We are taxpayers, and proud members of the communities in which we live.

We work together, for the state of North Dakota. We are North Dakota United!