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Voting Resources

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Primary election day is june 12, 2018



Voter Resources:

·       Find your NDU-endorsed candidates

·       What I Should Know About Voting in North Dakota

·       Request an absentee ballot

·       Find your polling place

·       Like North Dakota United on Facebook or follow NDU on Twitter for election information, candidate profiles, and more

· – national election information for NDU/NEA members


As public professionals, you play a vital role in shaping and influencing policies affecting your practice and expertise. Every decision made affecting classrooms in K-12 schools and universities, and in public services, is at some level a political decision.

Because of the important roles that elected officials and ballot measures play in our members’ professional lives, North Dakota United takes a very deliberate, measured approach making recommendations for elections. Decisions are made in a non-partisan fashion. NDU chooses its candidates for recommendations based on their stances on issues that our association cares deeply about, and not their political affiliation.

Candidates for office can receive the endorsement of North Dakota United and the ND United Political Committee (UPAC) by one of two ways. Incumbents with a proven record in office of voting in line with NDU values will receive a performance recommendation. Candidates for office, or incumbents without a performance recommendation, are given a survey to fill out. These candidates provide written answers to a series of questions about public education and employee rights.

Candidates for state offices of interest to NDU are asked to attend an interview with UPAC members. We use questionnaire and interview information to recommend the candidates who best support our beliefs and interests, regardless of their political party.

The primary election is June 12th, and the general election is November 8th. As you consider your ballot, please check out the pro-education, pro-public service candidates who have been endorsed by UPAC. 


Voter Qualifications:

North Dakota does not have voter registration. However, in order to vote in North Dakota, a voter must be: