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Contact Your Legislators

We need leaders who will stand up for teachers, public employees, and investments in our kids. We need leaders who will say no to attacks on working families and stand up to anti-public education zealots.

During the legislative session, we all have the collective ability to contact legislators and let them know what we think about the issues that matter most to us. We can be the difference-maker on whether good legislation passes and bad legislation fails! Click here to become an advocate and get updates on how you can act.

find your legislators:

Click HERE to find your legislators. Click on “Find my legislator” at the top of the page, then enter your house number and zip code, and click “Search.” Locate your address in the “Search Results” and click “Display Legislators.”


contact your legislators:

During a legislative session, a legislator can be reached at the State Capitol through Contact My Legislators online system or by leaving a message with the legislative telephone message center at 1-888-NDLEGIS (635-3447) or 701-328-3373 (local).

Please click HERE for the full listing of legislator contact information.