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Executive Committee & Board of Directors

Executive Committee

Nick ArchuletaPresident

Alicia BataVice President of Education

Gary FeistVice President of Public Employees

Brenda SeehaferNEA Director


Board of Directors

Karen AskeroothNDU-Retired Director

Danielle Borseth – K-12 Greater than 600 Director

Aaron Flynn – Higher Education Support Director

Darby Hart – Northeast Director

Alan LeintzNorthwest Director

Sarah Lerud – Southeast Director

Angel LindsethK-12 Less than 600 Director

Denbea McNally – ESP Director

Ernst Pijning – Higher Education Four-Year Director

Alexis RassetSouthwest Director

Ellie Shockley – Public Employee Director


OpenEthnic Director; Higher Education Two-Year Director; Aspiring Educator (Student) Director