Time after time North Dakota teachers do what they need to do to make sure our kids succeed. That includes risking their own health and safety, so students can return to class in the middle of the pandemic. 

Rather than respect that sacrifice at a time when only 50% of North Dakota teachers say they are likely to retire as a teacher, some legislators are attacking classroom safety and resources while working for legislation that could silence teachers. 

HB 1323

North Dakota teachers put our kids first and returned to the classroom in the middle of the pandemic despite risk to their health and safety. Some legislators are answering their dedication to our kids’ success with threats on classroom safety by introducing HB 1323 

If passed, the bill would eliminate the ability for local schools and other entities to require masks that can prevent COVID-19.  

SB 2215

SB 2215 could strip away local control over education, harm students, and hurt teachers by shrinking the amount of time for negotiating contracts.  

The bill could silence teachers and prevent opportunities to improve student readiness and teacher working conditions.  

Taking away the voice of educators would leave schools without the high-quality teachers who students need, now more than ever. 


HB 1281, HB 1369, SB 2288

We worked with fellow education supporters to defeat the voucher schemes HB 1369 and SB 2288.

However, the House of Representatives passed HB 1281, a bill that would create a $10 million hole in the state budget by giving tax credits to those attending private schools and home schools. 

In an already resource-tight legislative session, these bills could divert much-needed funding from public schools to private schools and homeschools. 

The budget cut would likely come at the expense of public schools, which could mean larger class sizes and heavier workloads or even higher property taxes. Diverting resources from classrooms could add to the stress and burnout driving teachers away from classrooms and their students. 


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