Connection That Continues

Refer-a-Friend to NDUnited-Retired

Refer-a-friend to join NDUnited-Retired!

Whenever a current member of NDU-R successfully registers a new NDU-R member, 
both individuals will both individuals will be eligible to receive a VISA gift card up to $50 each. 

The goal of NDU-Retired is to engage, motivate, and connect all members in order to advocate for our past, our present and our future.

Retired educators make up an active part of North Dakota United’s members. 

During your years in education and public service, your work community became an extension of your family.  As you begin this new chapter of life, we invite you to continue that connection and remain a member of the NDUnited family. 

As a member of NEA/AFT and the NDU-Retired family, many benefits of active membership continue on in retirement.

NDU-Retired members provide a strong voice for education and public employee retirees in North Dakota.

Protect Your Pension

North Dakota United has been fighting to influence TFFR decisions in the North Dakota legislature for years. 

Together, we can defend pensions. 

Your NDU-Retired helps to protect your future pension benefits. 

Our experienced lobbyists, provide legislative representation and testify on behalf of NDU-R members at legislative committee meetings.

Participate in Educational Decision Making​

Retired educators offer invaluable perspectives, institutional knowledge and routinely help shape decisions affecting the future of education.

Membership is a small cost that makes a big impact on the quality of life for you and other educators and public employees. 

But we can’t do it without you. The more members we have, the bigger our voice.

NDU-R members also represent members on the NDU Board of Directors and influence decision making at NEA, AFT, and NDU business meetings.

NDU-R Membership Benefits​

  • The NEA Educators’ Liability Insurance Program covers retired members who substitute on a day-to-day basis.
  • Retired members remain eligible for most of the NEA/AFT Member Benefits, such as credit cards or the car rental programs from Hertz, Alamo, Budget, Enterprise and National.
  • Retired members will continue to receive the members’ only discount provided by the Horace Mann Auto Advantage Insurance.
  • Retired members continue to receive North Dakota United’s publications.
  • Retired members can continue to attend NDU conferences and the NDU Delegate Assembly.
  • Retired members are eligible to participate in the NEA and AFT long-term insurance programs.
  • Retired members are eligible to participate in the NEA MemberCare Medicare Supplement Program.

Join NDU-R

Refer-a-friend to NDU-R by filling out the form below. North Dakota United will send the individual you’re referring all the necessary application information. If the successfully complete the application you will both receive a VISA gift card worth up to $50 in the mail.