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Elevating the Profession through Educator Ethics

What:  This course reviews ethics as defined by the ND Educational Standards and Practices Board. Participants examine various ethical situations along with actual cases that the Board has addressed. Topics include technology do’s and don’ts; relationships with students, parents, and colleagues; and the dichotomy of a school employee’s life. It includes a method to use when making decisions and is a highly interactive course.

When:  The Elevating the Profession course is offered 6 times a year around the state. Locals and Districts may request the training at any time and can qualify for group rates. The course is offered in a variety of formats and is eligible for up to 2 credits through UND.

Why:  Imagine a profession…in which there historically has NOT been a code of ethics to guide professional decision‐making; in which the policies, statutes and regulations that govern practitioners’ conduct are NOT even known by the practitioners. What if that profession’s practitioners make thousands of decisions in a day that directly impact a highly vulnerable population; and are NOT aware of the professional risks and vulnerabilities that are inherent in the profession…would you call it a profession?  (Hutchings, T. 2015)

This course challenges the status quo, personal beliefs, and cultural norms in order to develop a non-biased approach to ethical decision-making so that Educators can take control of their profession.

How:  To schedule a group training, contact the PD department at 701-223-0450 or

Thanks to our friends at the Iowa State Education Association for their help in developing this curriculum.


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