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Teachers Fund for Retirement

Top 5 things tffr wants active members, retirees, and employers to know

With all the concerns today regarding the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on public health, the last thing ND retired educators should have to worry about is their TFFR pension plan. During these uncertain times, TFFR wants you to know:

1) We remain committed to providing excellent customer service to our valued retirees.

While we can’t meet or work together in person right now, our focus is still on our members. We will do our best to serve you, and greatly appreciate your patience and understanding. Please stay safe.

2) TFFR program operations are fully functional.

Our office is currently closed to the public and many of our staff are working remotely. Retirement administration functions will primarily be delivered by electronic means through email ( or phone (800-952-2970 or 701-328-9885). We will continue to administer critical retirement program operations, claims processing, account maintenance, and retiree payroll functions. No in-person member appointments or outreach programs are being scheduled until further notice. Please sign up for TFFR Member Online to view your personal member account information.

3) Retiree benefits are safe and will be paid as scheduled.

Monthly TFFR retirement benefit payments to almost 9,000 retirees and beneficiaries went out on April 1, and will be paid every month thereafter as promised. Nearly all of TFFR monthly benefit payments are directly deposited into retiree bank accounts. The few paper checks that go out each month will be mailed as scheduled. TFFR will continue to be able to meet its obligation to retirees, despite the economic downturn. This is our #1 priority.

4) TFFR pension benefits will be paid for life.

TFFR is a DEFINED BENEFIT pension plan which will provide retirees with a guaranteed lifetime income. Regardless of how long you live and what happens in the stock market before, during, or after your retirement, you can count on a predictable retirement benefit payment each month for the rest of your life.

5) TFFR is a long term investor.

A long term focus is important in financing pensions. Although the financial markets are in turmoil, TFFR’s investment portfolio is professionally managed and highly diversified to help mitigate significant market downturns and extreme volatility. With that said, TFFR’s estimated fiscal year-to-date net investment return is approximately -6% as of this date (7.1.19 – 4.7.20). Unfortunately, it is too early to assess the potential impact of the coronavirus outbreak on the long-term financial health of the TFFR plan. Please be assured our investment team is closely monitoring the financial markets and TFFR’s investment portfolio.

Please contact TFFR if you have any questions. Email or Phone 800-952-2970 or 701-328-9885.