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Our Valued Members

“I'm glad to be a member of NDUnited because they advocate for my interests year-round, so I can focus on doing my job well. They keep me posted about what's coming down the pipeline in Bismarck so that we can take action before a decision has been made. This year I'm worried that I won't be able to safely do my job, and NDUnited has coordinated inter-campus meetings so that we all have the most up-to-date information from across the state.”

- Lydia Tackett

“When faced with a significant, career-changing challenge at my institution, NDU helped me understand my rights and navigate a process for which there was no clear roadmap. And because there was a clear need for policy to address this challenge, NDU supported me and my colleagues by providing us with a platform to discuss needed change at my institution and a toolkit for pursuing it.”

- Sarah Boonstoppel