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Be an Advocate

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Register Today for Legislative Session Weekly Update and Planning Sessions

The ND Legislature has kicked off the 67th Legislative Assembly and we want to be sure members have the most up-to-date information about bills affecting our professions and ways to take action.

We will have a weekly Zoom every Thursday at 6:30 pm Central during session with information from our lobbying team, strategies to win on our issues, and training modules to make sure North Dakota United members have all the tools you need to be effective advocates.

Register here for the weekly Zooms!  

how do i testify?

The basics of testifying during the 2021 ND legislative session are outlined in:

How to Provide Virtual Testimony NDU

How to Give Compelling Testimony NDU

If you wish to submit either written or oral testimony, you will need to locate the bill on the Committee Hearing Schedule and click “Submit Testimony” on the right hand side. This page will give you the deadline for submitting testimony (typically one hour before the start of the hearing) as well as directions on how to submit your testimony. If you would like to give oral testimony, you must also submit the written version. The committee chairs can choose to set a limit on the amount of oral testimony any bill can receive, so make sure to reserve your spot in the queue as soon as possible after the schedules are released on Thursdays. Legislative Council staff have put together a great video to walk you through the process:

Legislative Council has created a How to Testify brochure to outline the basics of the process.