Everyday Superhero Winners

We asked people from across the state to vote for their favorite inspirational stories about amazing NDU members, doing amazing things in our communities.

Out of 12 nominees, these three individuals received the most votes and won the award for North Dakota’s 2022 Everyday Superhero! 

These winners will receive a special ceremony in their community with NDU President Nick Archuleta, administrators, local leaders, students and co-workers, which will be held in May.

It’s important to note that all the nominees are amazing and we are so grateful for what they do everyday to make North Dakota better. 

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Sandy Irmen

Sandy Irmen has been a teacher in North Dakota for 36 years! She has taught  POD and US history in Grafton for the last 15 years. 

 Sandy inspires her high school students to embrace and learn from our history in the US.  She challenges her students to think for themselves and become interested in  our country’s future.  She brings her enthusiasm and love of history and our democracy into current events to help instill pride and ownership in her students. She wants her students to be active participants in today’s world and gives them the knowledge and tools to do so!  

Not only is she an amazing social studies teacher, but she brings her love of the outdoors into her classes too.  She brings the excitement of her travels and  fishing adventures as inspiration to enjoy life and everything it has to offer.  She may have told a few larger than life fish tales to her students!  Sandy is  a very deserving candidate for an Everyday Hero of great  North Dakota public schools! 

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Cairra Pfau

Cairra Pfau is my everyday hero for all her hard work and dedication as a 5th grade teacher. She continuously meets the needs of all the students in her class and has such an impact on their lives she often hears from some of them even after they have graduated! 

She has the ability to adapt and modify her curriculum so that all students can easily understand and succeed, at any learning level they are. She keeps the students engaged with hands on learning and STEM projects. 

One project even involves 3D printing which is an invaluable tool for students to learn and understand as they can use create parts that can actually be used!

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Eric Rooke

Mr. Rooke is an amazing influence on aspiring musicians. 

Eric has transformed not only music education, but also the performing arts, throughout the whole community of Williston.

I could go on talking about Mr. Rooke’s excellence ad nauseam, but instead I’ll end with this: I’ve never seen a teacher make more of a difference than Mr. Rooke.