We’re giving away $100 gift cards to the best everyday superheroes in North Dakota communities. 

Share your story below to enter an everyday superhero in your life. We’ll choose the 10 best stories and send the winners $100 Visa gift cards as a way to say thanks for making our communities amazing. 

Meet Jason Boynton

Jason is an Associate Professor of Mathematics at North Dakota State University and a proud North Dakota United member.  

He’s been guiding students through the rigors of learning university level mathematics for the last 14 years.  

His superpower is his ability to put himself in the students’ shoes during all parts of the learning process, as well as raising awareness and funds to address food insecurity in our community.

Meet Danni Pinnick

Danni has worked in public health, since 2015 in positions at the NDSU Center for Immunization Research and Education, as well as Prevent Child Abuse North Dakota.

Her current superpower involves fighting a formidable opponent… the villain known as COVID-19. She’s helping save lives everyday as a Vaccine Coordinator for the state of North Dakota.


Meet Sonja Mahlum

Sonja is a retired educator and taught for 35 years in the Bismarck Public School System.

She also taught ESL at the Adult Learning Center to help immigrants and refugee adult students with learning English. 

Sonja was a was a local BEA president and served as head negotiator for BPS teacher negotiations when she was teaching. 


Meet Barb Dubord

Barb is school bus driver from Kindred, North Dakota. She has been safely delivering kids to and from school since 1996! 

“All school bus drivers enjoy a super power that other school
employees cannot claim. We have a child on our bus from the time they start kindergarten until they get a driver’s license. We gain a personal connection with nearly each child.

Every morning as they get on the bus, I give each child a smile and a ‘Good Morning!’. They return my greeting with a grin and a ‘Hi Barb.’ It warms my heart and gives me a reason to get out of bed.”


Meet Kelly Suchy

Kelly has been a teacher for 15 years! She loves that she gets to make a positive impact on our society’s future.  Her goal is to help students become independent thinkers who crave challenges and hopes to model for them the importance of seeking opportunities to help others and create a community of caring individuals.

“My super power?  The ability to love my students unconditionally and to model patience, positivity, and flexibility in all situations.”

Meet Michelle Kukowski

Michelle is a 5th grade teacher at BM Hanson Elementary School in Harvey, ND.

Michelle’s superpower is relationship building with her “forever kids” aka current and former students. 



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