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Public Relations Grant

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North Dakota United is proud to present direct assistance for all our local associations in public relations and communications. NDU offers grants of $100 to $500 to local associations to use toward continuing, improving or starting local PR and communications plans. Associations must apply for a specific amount, submit a proposed PR program plan and estimated expenditures, and agree to meet a few criteria. Each recipient is required to write an article for NDU’s official publication — United Voices.

In addition, NDU is able to provide hands-on training to help our local leaders communicate effectively with their members and local communities. NDU is able to dispatch its communications staff out to your community, to meet face-to-face with you and your members, to discuss, strategize and build up strong PR plans and communications programs for your local.

Any local association interested in applying for a grant can do so by downloading the PR Grant Proposal. PR grants are now being paid out as the funds are needed. To schedule NDU communications staff assistance at your local, call the NDU Communications Director Kelly Hagen at 701-223-0450, or send an e-mail to

PR Grant Brochure

DOWNLOAD Public relations proposal