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Trauma Informed Schools

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What: The Trauma Informed Schools training toolkit of strategies makes it easy to give all staff on campus critical information not only on ACEs and their impact, but also on practical and effective strategies to build a trauma-informed culture of care. The strategies help you immediately apply a trauma-informed approach to daily practice.

When:  Anytime, anyplace. All you need is a computer and internet access!

Why: Customized learning is professional development designed based on the individual’s wants and needs. This format will allow for multiple topics/themes for participants to choose from and will allow for an individually tailored plan.


  • Step 1:  Register through NDU and pay for the course.
  • Step 2:  NDU will email you a personal link for the training. Log-in and set your username and password.
  • Step 3:  Test your browser. Make sure that you can access the videos and that your speakers work.
  • Step 4:  Begin working through the program.
  • Step 5:  Join the edCommunities page and download documents, ask questions and more.
  • Step 6:  Once the course is completed and you receive your certificate, email it to pd@ndunited.org. We will then send you credit registration information (if desired).