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What:  ParaSharp provides concise and relevant training to paraeducators in a format you can easily digest and apply. Used as just-in-time independent study, or as part of a broader staff training effort, ParaSharp helps educators become more effective.

When:  Anytime, anyplace. All you need is a computer and internet access!

Why: Customized learning is professional development designed based on the individual’s wants and needs. This format will allow for multiple topics/themes for participants to choose from and will allow for an individually tailored plan.


  • Step 1:  Register through NDU and pay for the course.
  • Step 2:  NDU will email you a personal link for the training. Log-in and set your username and password.
  • Step 3:  Test your browser. Make sure that you can access the videos and that your speakers work.
  • Step 4:  Begin working through the program.
  • Step 5:  Join the edCommunities page and download documents, ask questions and more.
  • Step 6:  Once the course is completed and you receive your certificate, email it to pd@ndunited.org.