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What:  Mini-Courses are short duration trainings that alone will not qualify for credit. The typical mini course is less than 3 hours in length.

When:  Mini-Courses will be offered every Wednesday night from 7:00-9:00 pm via an online webinar and begin October 2, 2019. Participants register and pay an initial fee for access to the course and then can participate in any session. For credit, participants must participate for at least 3 of 5 live sessions, the remaining can be completed by watching the recordings, which will be made available.

Why:  Customized learning is professional development designed based on the individual’s wants and needs. As North Dakota is primarily a rural state, many of our members and potential members do not have ready or easy access to in-person professional development through NDU. This format will allow for multiple topics/themes for participants to choose from and will allow for an individually tailored plan.


  • Step 1:  Register through NDU and pay for the course
  • Step 2:  NDU will email you a link for the webinars and a schedule of the topics.
  • Step 3:  Choose the sessions you would like to attend. You can participate in any session that you would like.
  • Step 4:  Test your browser. Make sure that you can access the webinar and your mic, camera and speakers work.
  • Step 5:  Log-in and enjoy!
  • Step 6:  Join the edCommunities page and watch previous webinars, download documents, ask questions and more.