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2021 NDU Delegate Assembly

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the 2021 NDU virtual Delegate Assembly

Saturday, April 17th, 2021

via Zoom


North Dakota United is YOU. As a member of our union, you have a voice, you have power and you have the collective strength of 11,500 members, UNITED for YOU.

Every year, the members of ND United gather for our Delegate Assembly.  This is the place and time in which all of the important decisions are made about the direction our union is going and the vision for our future as an association of public educators and employees.  We thank each and every one of you reading this magazine for being participating members of ND United, and now invite you to join with representatives from all of our affiliated locals and chapters across the state at the 2021 Delegate Assembly!

This year’s Delegate Assembly will be held via Zoom on Saturday, April 17, 2021. While this is not ideal, it does give us the opportunity to have at least one delegate from each local participate.  If so, we could have over 200 participants in this year’s Delegate Assembly!

Delegates to the NDU Delegate Assembly shall be allocated to each local based on the ratio of one delegate for each 50 active members or major fraction thereof, with a minimum of one delegate for each local.  The number of delegates to which a local is entitled will be based on its membership on file with NDU as of Aug. 31 prior to the Delegate Assembly.  Local presidents have already received directions and a form to submit their delegates to NDU. If you are interested in representing your local, please contact your local president asap!


Here is how this will work:

On April 12 and 14, 2021, we plan to conduct pre-DA Zoom meetings that will cover the same topics so delegates may attend the meeting that works best with their schedule.  The meetings will cover the proposed budget and any other items we may need to discuss in more detail.  I will send the proposed budget well in advance of the meeting so that all delegates have time to read it and develop questions.


Then, on Saturday, April 17, 2021, we will convene the Delegate Assembly via Zoom at 9:00 a.m. to conduct our annual business meeting, including the election of NDU Board Directors for the following positions:  ESP Director, Higher Ed Director 4-year Institution, K-12 Director from District with Greater than 600 Students, Northeast Region Director and Northwest Region Director, and one NEA RA Delegate.


The February 16, 2021 deadline for election petitions passed with several NDU Board positions receiving no petitions.  There is a process for this situation in the NDU Bylaws which allows for nominations from the floor of the Delegate Assembly.  If you are qualified and interested, or know someone who is interested in serving on the NDU Board of Directors, these are the open positions:  Ethnic Minority Director, Higher Ed Director-2-year Institution, Higher Ed Support Professional Director, K-12 Director from District with Less than 600 Students, Public Employee Director, Southeast Region Director, and Southwest Region Director.


The NEA Representative Assembly will be held virtually again in July 2021, and we have several delegate positions open that can also be nominated from the floor.


Questions?  Please contact Kathy Gourlay at or Ellie Sharbono at  or 701-223-0450.