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Collective Bargaining

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A full range of support is available to members as they negotiate just compensation and fair working conditions with their employers.

Field Consultants assist local negotiators through direct consultation, help with the development of contract language, analysis of contracts, and assistance with contract enforcement.  Staff also help locals prepare for impasse. NDU professional staff facilitate area and regional bargaining meetings.

The NDU research department provides salary and benefit comparison data and sample contract language for teachers and education support professionals.  In addition, a vast array of state and national education finance data and a file of all master agreements in the state are maintained.




22-23 Benchmark Comparisons
20-22 TFFR Adjusted Benchmarks
2021-2022 Average Teacher Salaries
2022-2023 Matrix Salary Schedule Benchmarks Ranked
2022-2023 One Line Salary Schedule Benchmarks Ranked
2022-2023 Salary Schedule Benchmarks Ranked
2022-2023 TFFR Models
2023 TFFR Employer Breakdown
2013 to 2018 Budget Percentages Salary and Benefits Teachers
2021-2022 Ending Balances
2013-2019 RTI Averages for One-line Hiring Schedules
2019-2020 1st Year Teacher Salaries Ranked
2019-2020 TFFR Effect
2023 NDDPI School Finance Facts

To discuss other available research or ask clarifying questions regarding this research please reach out to Liz Bjerke at or 701-404-5284.