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Learner Centered Innovation Book Study

Spark Curiosity, Ignite Passion, and Unleash Genius

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Learner Centered Innovation:  Spark Curiosity, Ignite Passion, and Unleash Genius

Katie Martin

ISBN:  978-1948334006

What if education could be better—for students and for teachers? Our changing world demands creative thinkers and collaborative problem solvers, but too often, schools stifle growth and discovery in favor of getting through the curriculum or preparing for “the test.” Learning opportunities and teaching methods must evolve to match the ever-changing needs of today’s learners. When we tell kids to complete an assignment, we get compliance. When we empower kids to explore and learn how to make an impact on the world, we inspire problem solvers and innovators. This required change in education involves more than providing training for administrators and teachers to implement new curriculum or programs and resources; it demands that we, as teachers and leaders, create an environment where learners at every level are empowered to take risks in pursuit of learning and growth rather than perfection. This book is for you if you are wondering . . .What if learners were valued for their diverse talents and not just our traditional model of “smart”? What if I could create new and better experiences for those I serve? What if I could inspire students to learn, to discover their passions, and to share their ideas with the world?

Book studies cost $50 payable to North Dakota United to participate and AN ADDITIONAL $50 to UND to have your credit recorded onto your transcript.  In total, each book study is $100.00

Grades take approximately two weeks to appear on your transcript after the end of the book study.

Facilitators will contact you three to four days before the book study begins.

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