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Leading Schools in Disruptive Times Book Study

How to Survive Hyper-Change

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Leading Schools in Disruptive Times:   How to Survive Hyper-Change

Dwight Carter

ISBN:  978-1506384313

A school leadership model for surviving hyper-change

From social media to evolving safety issues to constant school reform, today’s school leaders face unprecedented disruption. How can educators prepare students for a globalized world when many institutions are not ready for the constantly changing 21st century? With an eye on the past and a vision for the future, Carter and White draw the blueprint for adapting schools to ever-changing times.

• A comprehensive history of disruption in American schools as a lens for understanding accelerated change
• Practical exercises and real-life examples for reshaping education in the 21st century
• A grounded examination of radical disruptions schools will face in the years to come

Book studies cost $50 payable to North Dakota United to participate and AN ADDITIONAL $50 to UND to have your credit recorded onto your transcript.  In total, each book study is $100.00

Grades take approximately two weeks to appear on your transcript after the end of the book study.

Facilitators will contact you three to four days before the book study begins.

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