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Know Better, Do Better Book Study

Teaching the Foundations So Every Child Can Read

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Know Better, Do Better:  Teaching the Foundations So Every Child Can Read

David Liben and Meredith Liben

ISBN:  978-1943920693

This book discusses the literacy practices and instructional materials that actually improve student learning outcomes.  Through their work, their school had its reading scores rise to the highest of any non-gift school in Harlem.  When educators know better, they do better.  Know Better, Do Better explains why phonics matters and provides practical tips for teachers on a range of instructional elements that need to be in place for all kids to learn to read.

All age levels can benefit from the instructional tips in this book.

Book studies cost $50 payable to North Dakota United to participate and AN ADDITIONAL $50 to UND to have your credit recorded onto your transcript.  In total, each book study is $100.00

Grades take approximately two weeks to appear on your transcript after the end of the book study.

Facilitators will contact you three to four days before the book study begins.

If you have questions, please contact:

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