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Brain Awakes Book Study

Empowering Children through Breath, Balance and Reflection

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Brain Awakes: Empowering Children Through Breath, Balance and Reflection

Joseph Hamer

ISBN:  978-1949001556

Showing our children how to recognize and regulate their emotions is a crucial piece of successful parenting and teaching. As young educators, we never imagined the time required to develop social-emotional skills in their students. These abilities are “recognized, valued, and supported by ever-expanding research as an important contributor to behavioral improvements, academic achievement, and overall factors of long-term success,” but how can educators and parents find the time in their overloaded schedules to teach self-awareness, empathy, and optimism? The purpose of Brain Awakes is to provide a practical way to equip all children with these life skills.  With this straightforward guide, you will be able to lead your children using breath, balance, and reflection. The path of the book follows a developmentally appropriate progression, which starts with a child’s inner-environment and leads to their relationship with the world around them. As they practice the art of metacognition, watch their relationships with themselves and others flourish.

Book studies cost $50 payable to North Dakota United to participate and AN ADDITIONAL $50 to UND to have your credit recorded onto your transcript.  In total, each book study is $100.00

Grades take approximately two weeks to appear on your transcript after the end of the book study.

Facilitators will contact you three to four days before the book study begins.

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