In January 2022, North Dakota United released daunting results of a survey on educator retention. 74% of those surveyed believe teacher retention is a major issue for the coming school year and only four out of ten see themselves retiring as teachers.

How did we get to this point? And what can be done about it?

We’ll hear from teachers who have left the profession, those who remain in the classroom, and from those who shape public policy affecting what happens in schools across North Dakota.

We start with former Bismarck teacher Kari Nehls who spent 15 years in education. Nehls says she was born to be a teacher. However, as she tells North Dakota United’s Tom Gerhardt last summer she made the emotional decision to leave the profession she loves.


Next week, we’ll hear from a former Fargo teacher on why he chose to leave the classroom. And we’ll also hear from the 2021 North Dakota Teacher of the Year on the challenges educators face and what she thinks could be done to help support teachers moving forward.