Hello, and thank you for your membership in ND United. I hope this note finds you and yours well and happy.

As I write this President’s Post, we are exactly one week away from what is arguably the most consequential election in my lifetime. No matter whom you support, I encourage you to vote. Of course, I am hopeful that you will support the candidate who best honors the dignity of workers, promotes an employee’s right to join a union, and makes the education of our citizens — with public schools and universities as the centerpiece — a top priority of our nation. Whether the victor in this election is President Trump or former Vice President Joe Biden, I hope the prevailing candidate will do everything humanly possible to heal this nation, unite this nation and strive to be a president for all Americans. Our nation deserves no less.

As you know, North Dakota has emerged as the #1 hot spot in a nation heating up quickly with the Coronavirus for the third time. As of Tuesday, Oct. 27, afternoon, there have been 39,130 positive cases and 476 deaths registered among our friends and neighbors here in North Dakota. The NY Times reports 5 more in each category. Regardless of the difference, there is too much unnecessary suffering and loss attributable to COVID-19.  This is not “just like the flu,” as I have been told too many times on social media. Dr. Deborah Birx, from President Trump’s Coronavirus Task Force, on a recent visit to the Bismarck area, stated that mask utilization in businesses in Bismarck represents, “the least use of masks that we have seen in retail establishments of any places we have been.”

Let us #MaskUpND!

Thank you all for all you do!


Nick Archuleta

NDU President