Lately, the You Have Memories feature on my Facebook page has flooded my screen with delightful photos and script detailing Thanksgiving Days gone by. There are great photos of our wonderful family, friends and food. Each picture captures a moment in time when our grandkids were little, our families were joyful, and being together was as good as it gets.

But this is Thanksgiving 2020, and things will be a bit different this year. This year — and we hope only this year — our families will be apart, save for a Zoom call or two. I am sure that many of you reading this will celebrate the holiday in much the same way. We do so out of an abundance of caution as we seek to protect each other from the scourge of the Coronavirus and COVID-19. We are not paralyzed by this pandemic, though; we are motivated by it to do all we can to keep our loved ones safe.

And despite all the negative things visited upon us this year — pandemic, murder hornets, fires, and hurricanes — we remain thankful and humble. We are thankful for our families. We are thankful that the work we do serves to improve the lives of our friends, neighbors and fellow citizens of North Dakota. We are thankful that we are loved, and that we have people that we love in return and that inspire us to do and be better.

Personally, I am incredibly thankful for my beautiful bride, Mary Pat, my awesome extended family, and the ones who put up with me daily. I am thankful for the work that I am allowed to do and the outstanding staff at ND United that is key in its success. And I am thankful for each of you, the members of North Dakota United. Thank you for your outstanding work and unmatched passion for providing the vital public services that our state depends on and deserves. You are the best!


Nick Archuleta

NDU President