Jackson Holm is a senior at Grand Forks Red River High School. He’s a National Merit Scholar finalist who enjoys computer science, theatre and takes an innovations class from teacher Eric Sanders.

Sanders says of Holm, “He has designed video games, designed and launched a high-altitude balloon (near-space balloon) in 9th grade, and trained a neural network of artificial intelligence. He did these outside of school, in spite of school. He is also a National Merit Scholar finalist. He also nearly left school last semester to move to Portland and open a vegan buffalo wing food truck. He has views about how education needs to change to applying knowledge through projects and collaboration.”

Sanders said he asked Jackson what he thought about education, and he replied, “There is almost nothing that is done alone anymore. Education is focused on single-person learning.” He is hopeful that education is changing in a good way.


TEDx Talk — https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iFGU1MPd14A&t=1s











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