Well, any shortened workweek that ends with eating pie and shopping cannot be all bad!  In that spirit, here is a short and sweet President’s Post, Thanksgiving Edition.

Thanksgiving is, of course, more than eating pie and shopping.  It is a time to gather with friends and family to reconnect, to share stories old and new, and to make memories for ourselves and our families that they will share long after we are gone.  It is also time to reflect on the year that was and to count our blessings while at the same time looking forward to the possibilities of the approaching new year.

The things that I am thankful for are many.  I am thankful for my beautiful bride, Mary Pat, who is the hub of our family wheel and makes us all better.  Our kids continue to be sources of great pride and our grandkids offer a constant stream of wonder and amusement as they navigate school, friends, family, and everything that life presents them.

Beyond that, though, I am blessed with the opportunity to do good work on behalf of people whom I respect and admire, and whose work is absolutely vital to the success of our society.  I am thankful that the members of ND United have chosen to work in areas that strengthen our democracy and provide necessary services professionally to the citizens of our state.  So, whether you work for your city, county, or state, Thank You!  If you conduct research, teach, or support the art and science of teaching and learning at our institutions of higher education or PK-12 schools, Thank You!  Your work makes our state work!  Your work makes our state better!

Finally, I am grateful for your membership in North Dakota United.  Your membership makes it possible for us to fight for your pensions, fight for your workplace rights, and fight for policies that strengthen families across the state.  Thank you for your membership and thank you for engaging your colleagues and encouraging them to join us, as well.

Here’s to a Happy and Healthy Thanksgiving!