Barb DuBord has been safely driving children to and from school in the Kindred area for twenty-six years. Barb says she gets to know each child personally—from the scary first day of kindergarten until the day each student gets their drivers license in high school.

“Driving a school bus is more than just a job to me,” Barb says. “Each child has a special spot in my heart. The kids brighten my day.”

Barb’s passion and commitment exemplify the work thousands of members of North Dakota United do every day across North Dakota. Our members work tirelessly to educate our kids, keep them safe, and make our communities run smoothly. We think our members are “superhero-like!”

To recognize, honor, celebrate, and appreciate the work of members like Barb, we’ve created an “Everyday Superhero” campaign.

We called on six of our members to participate. You’ll notice digital ads online and video ads on television celebrating their work as school bus drivers, college mathematicians, state health workers, and more.

While they are superheroes, they’re also real people. We hope you’ll help us recognize and thank them. And please help us appreciate them by sharing your own story about your own everyday superhero and how they’ve impacted you by filling out the link on this page!


Our Everyday Heroes are under attack. Click HERE to tell the ND legislature to Trust our Teachers!