Hello, Friends!

This is an incredibly fun week!  Not only is Teacher Appreciation Week being celebrated across the land, so, too, is Public Service Recognition Week!  This seems like a perfect time to step back and reflect on the incredible year we have had.

Make no mistake.  The public employees of North Dakota have stepped up in a big way to ensure that our K-12 schools and our institutes of higher education continued to educate our students and conduct important research.  Public employees working in service to the citizens of North Dakota continued to provide the vital public services that our friends, neighbors, have come to depend on.

Whether you were delivering meals to distance learning children, teaching those kids online, collaborating on vital research with colleagues via Zoom, ensuring that Covid relief flowed unhindered, or providing a raft of public services too numerous to account for here, ND United members rose to the occasion and laid the groundwork for ND to have a soft landing as we emerge from this devastating Coronavirus pandemic.

In short, North Dakota’s public employees kept our state moving forward against a torrent of adversity and our efforts made it possible for North Dakota to rebound more quickly than almost any other state in the nation.

Still, in reflecting on the legislative session just ended, too many legislators are unappreciative of the good work of our members nor do they value the impact of that work on our state.  Rest assured, Dear Members of ND United, that your union will continue to share your accomplishments with legislators of every stripe and with the people of our great state.

This week and every week, North Dakota United has your back and we will continue to advocate for great public school, great public institutions of higher ed, and great public service!

Thank you for your awesome work and for your membership in North Dakota United!

Have the Best Week!

Nick Archuleta

NDU President