It’s summer 2019, and all of us at North Dakota United are probably taking a look back at the school year that just ended, while keeping one eye pointed toward what is ahead. United Voices reflects this split focus. We take a look way back, all the way back to 1969 and the effects that were felt by a teachers strike in Minot, 50 years ago. We are all so grateful to those teachers who risked everything, and lost their livelihoods, so that future generations of teachers could benefit.

Also, we take a detailed look back at the 66th Legislative Assembly in Bismarck, which just finished up. And we detail the major efforts of faculty and staff at the University of North Dakota, in building up their own local and taking action to stave off a hike in parking fees.

We’re also looking forward, as we preview a special offer for NDU members to receive free tickets to the ND State Fair this summer, and tell you about a program we are running with First Book to provide free books to educators at Title 1 schools in our state. We also welcome David Marquardt into our pages, as he will become our new Vice President of Education in July.

Thanks for reading this newest issue, and for being North Dakota United!