BISMARCK – An updated tax revenue forecast for the state of North Dakota was released today, and the Legislature will be hearing more about this newest outlook the next couple of days before adopting a final forecast. The following statement can be attributed to North Dakota United President Nick Archuleta:

“Since the start of this current session of the Legislature, the members of North Dakota United have been advocating for increases to per-pupil funding for K-12 public schools of 8% in both years of the coming budget cycle, and for 8% increases in both years to salaries for K-12 educators, state employees, and higher ed faculty and staff. With the release of the updated state revenue forecast today, we feel confident in our assessment that this is our opportunity to gain ground that has been lost over the past decade, in both K-12 funding and public employee salaries.

“Our state has the resources, and now is the time for us to invest in our future. North Dakota students deserve more resources, not less, and increases to public education funding would undoubtedly provide them with increased opportunities to grow, learn and expand their horizons. Likewise, an investment should be made in our public workforce, the men and women who provide all of us with the vital public services that North Dakota students, families and communities deserve and have come to expect.”