What are North Dakota schools doing to help students with behavioral health? Find out about student-led restorative circles and how they’re impacting students at Northern Cass Public Schools.

Superintendent Cory Steiner joins school counselor and North Dakota United member Keira Oscarson to tell us how they implemented restorative circles, found success online during the pandemic, and significant plans for the future surrounding behavioral health. Steiner says that, as he has learned more about behavioral health in schools, he’s become obligated to find ways to provide services to students on-site. Oscarson says the steps taken at Northern Cass have helped to provide early access to students and to normalize the idea of “taking care of ourselves.”

Ultimately, the plan is to make sure social-emotional learning is built into classrooms at Northern Cass and not seen as an add-on or something that’s only done when a counselor comes into the school.

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