Dear ND United members,


On April 18, 2020, the ND United Delegate Assembly will be held at the National Energy Center of Excellence on the campus of Bismarck State College here in our capital city.  At the DA, delegates will vote on two Constitutional amendments put forth by the NDU Board of Directors.

The procedure for amending the Constitution is outlined in Article IX of the ND United Constitution:

Article IX

Section 1:

Amendments to this constitution may be proposed by any local or by the board at least 90 days prior to the Delegate Assembly.  Proposed amendments shall be published in an official publication of NDU, which shall serve as a first reading of the proposed amendment.  The proposed amendment shall be acted on at the first Delegate Assembly following its first reading.

Section 2: Amendments to this constitution may be adopted by a two-thirds vote of the Delegate Assembly and take effect immediately upon their adoption.

As I write this, we are 95 days from the Delegate Assembly. Here are the proposed changes; language struck through is language that will be omitted, language underlined will be added:

Article IV.  Delegate and Regional Delegate Assemblies

Section 1:  Authority

The Delegate Assembly shall be the governing body of NDU, with the authority to determine policies and direct the actions of the board to carry out those policies.  The Delegate Assembly shall meet biennially annually to conduct its business.

Section 3:  Regional Assemblies

In the years in which there is no Delegate Assembly, two Regional Assemblies, one composed of the Northwest and Southwest regions, and one composed of the Northeast and Southeast regions, shall be held within those regions.


In addition to holding elections, the purpose of the regional meetings shall be for training and professional development.  Regional Assemblies cannot amend the constitution or bylaws, nor can they change the budget and dues adopted at the last Delegate Assembly.  Delegates may pass advisory motions or actions for consideration by the board of directors.


In addition, numbering and headings will be changed should these proposed Constitutional changes be adopted by the Body.


Best Always,




Nick Archuleta
President, ND United