Greetings, ND United!

In addition to the 67th Legislative Session being in full swing, ND United is busy planning for our future and delivering great opportunities for our members.  Her are just a few of the things on our radar:

Yesterday, I testified against yet another terrible voucher bill. HB 1369 is a proposal that would create an Education Empowerment Program that would divert $5.2M over the next biennium to private schools, parochial schools, and private tutors.

In my testimony, I mentioned that vouchers come in many forms, often hiding behind euphemism such as, “opportunity Scholarships,” “Tax Credit Scholarships,” “Education Savings Accounts,” Tuition Tax Credits,” and now, “Education Empowerment Programs.”

All these voucher schemes share the same goal: to divert public monies to private entities, thus diminishing the resources needed to effectively run our great public schools.

We have nothing against school choice and never have.

We just believe that taxpayers ought not fund that choice which is a sentiment shared by the framers of the ND State Constitution.  Reach out to members of the House Education Committee to tell them that public monies need to be used for public schools and public services.

Every Thursday evening during the session, NDU is hosting our Legislative Update and Training Session from 6:30pm to 7:30pm. These sessions are highly informative and well worth your time and attention.  Join us!

As you know, ND United has a foundation cleverly known as the ND United Foundation. You have an opportunity to help our Foundation meet its goals.

Giving Hearts Day is February 11, 2021 and our Foundation is asking our members and friends to make a small contribution so that we may continue to award scholarships to our members’ dependents, help teachers advance their education, and help others to acquire needed classroom materials.

That’s it for now.  I want to close with a special thank you to all our members for the incredible work you do in service to the citizens of North Dakota.  No one does it better!

Best Always,


Nick Archuleta

NDU President