Dear NDU members,

I hope this note finds each of you and your families well. I know it will find you busy!

I am writing today to urge you to take action to protect vulnerable North Dakotans, many of whom are public school students and their parents. And I need you to act today.

ND United is working with the ND Farmers Union, the ND ACLU, the ND AFL-CIO, High Plains Fair Housing Center, the ND Human Rights Coalition, and others to encourage Governor Burgum to issue an executive order (EO) regarding foreclosures and evictions.  Specifically, the EO would mandate a temporary moratorium and a freeze on foreclosures on residential property across North Dakota. This would be in effect from the moment the EO is signed by Governor Burgum and for 90 days after the emergency is declared to be over.

In short, the EO will call for:

  • No foreclosures for residential property owners;
  • No evictions for renters;
  • No late fees for either;
  • No reporting to credit agencies for failure to pay;
  • Effective from the day of the issuance of the EO until 90 days after emergency is declared over.

What these people at risk need from you is your advocacy on their behalf. Please click here to easily send a note to Governor Burgum’s office, and let your voice be heard.

Finally, we have been at this for weeks. Yesterday, Governor Burgum acknowledged that we have been heard but expressed that he is not willing to issue that EO because he expects that the federal relief act that was recently signed into law will provide enough relief for renters. We do not know that for sure and there is no relief that will be available before tomorrow, April 1, when rent is due.

Keep in mind that last month, over 19,000 people filed for unemployment insurance in ND. All of 2019 saw 20,000 people file for unemployment insurance in our state. People are hurting through no fault of their own.  These folks would pay rent if they had the means to do so and I believe that everyone who can still make their rent will continue to do so.

So please, make time today to let your advocacy flag fly! Visit this link,, call the Governor’s office by phone at 701-328-2200 (leave a message if no one answers) or send an e-mail to Help us to take a stand, United for vulnerable North Dakotans.

Be well, friends. We are strongest together, and together we will prevail!