Annette Hovey of New Rockford-Sheyenne was a finalist for the 2019 North Dakota Teacher of the Year. She teaches band, jazz band, choir and more. She says her love of music stretches back to her childhood when her parents put her in piano lessons.

She tells The Cutting Ed podcast in this episode that one piece of music defines her as an instructor. About 2015, she pulled out a piece called “Bogoroditse Devo” by Rachmaninoff. It was a piece she sang in college, and Hovey wasn’t sure if her students could pull it off. She says from the first measure, her students were hooked.

Hovey says she has 31 students in choir — about a third of New Rockford-Sheyenne High School. She says what defines her as a teacher is that she continues to challenge them — and that her students are up to each challenge.

Performing “Bogoroditse Devo” earned her choir a spot at the North Dakota Music Educators Conference.


VIDEO: “Hovey Teaches Literature and History in Perfect Harmony”










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