North Dakota United and each of its local’s work hard for you every day.

Many people think unions are only there for their members when they’re in trouble on the job.  That is only one very small aspect of what unions do for their members.  Most of the members of NDU will never need grievance representation but have joined because of the shared values and voice that the union is able to provide on issues that are important to them.

NDU strives to keep its members informed on current issues and providing guidance and resources members can use to amplify the union’s voice.

Public employees and Higher education faculty and staff do not have the right to collectively bargain, so it is critically important that our voice is heard during the legislative session.

To be effective at the legislature, we need to elect candidates that support our issues.  NDU has done the research and will be providing candidate comparisons so our members can be educated voters.

Leading up to and during the legislative session we need our members to be activists in reaching out to candidates and legislators to educate them on NDU values and the values of all working families.   Salaries and benefits are always very important, but we also need to be advocates for the services we provide, the importance of the employee’s voice in the workplace, and for a safe working environment.

Our members have continued to provide quality services over the past few months despite the challenges presented by the pandemic.

Some of us have returned to the worksite full-time, others are working a hybrid schedule, and others have signed agreements to work remotely indefinitely.  As we transition to this new normal, know that NDU and your local leaders are ready to listen to the issues you are experiencing and can provide valuable information that has been gathered with the help of our two national affiliates the AFT and NEA regarding remote work and safe work environments.

If you and your coworkers have questions or concerns reach out to your union and collectively, we can discuss the issues and work toward a solution.

To have a strong collective voice, we need to be able to communicate with you.  Have you moved, changed your phone number or email address since you joined, or would you like to receive communication differently?

Please contact NDU to update your contact information so we are prepared to communicate effectively as we embark on another legislative session.  With our collective voice, we will make a difference on the issues that are important to all of us in this union.

Gary Feist

Vice President of Public Employees