As American Education Week concludes on this wintry day, I am reminded of how vital great public schools are to the quality of life we enjoy here in North Dakota. North Dakota’s outstanding public school teachers and our peerless education support professionals have one overriding and awesome responsibility: to provide a high quality education for every student who walks, runs, rolls or is carried through our school-house doors. As someone who visits many schools across the state, I can tell you that what I witness in each school I visit is beyond inspiring.

I see teachers and education support professionals challenging students to reach further and interact with the world around them in a way that is meaningful to the students. They have embraced the concept of student centered, teacher led classrooms. As a result, educators in every corner of the state are inspiring their students to step up and stand out.  I can tell you that the love that our educators have for their students, their communities and their profession reaffirms my belief that our future will be bright. We have our great public schools to thank for that.

So, as we count our many blessings this upcoming Thanksgiving Day, let’s be sure to include the selfless individuals whose incredible work enriches not only the lives of our students, but the lives of all of us in North Dakota.

Happy American Education Week and Thanksgiving from all of us at North Dakota United.

This President’s Post is written by North Dakota United President Nick Archuleta.