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Education support professionals (ESPs) make huge differences in young lives every day in North Dakota. The North Dakota United ESP of the Year Award recognizes the contributions of these outstanding ESPs.

NDU’s ESP of the Year award winner is automatically nominated to be the national ESP of the Year, sponsored by the National Education Association.

Call for nominations:

The NDU ESP of the Year Award is your opportunity to nominate someone you know and work with to be recognized for his or her exceptional work. Every year, the NDU ESP Advisory Board seeks a member who reflects the importance, value and quality of the work performed by our paraprofessionals, education assistance, secretarial, custodial, food service, maintenance and trades, transportation, groundskeepers, security, technology services, health services and other members, who serve not only in their schools but in their community.

Award Criteria:

1. Professional Practice: Describe the worksite responsibilities and personal achievements the nominee has made in his/her classification or field. How has the nominee demonstrated leadership, creativity, and innovation at the worksite? How has the nominee’s professional growth made a difference for the school, the students, and the community?

2. Advocacy and Association Involvement: In what ways does the nominee serve as an advocate in the day-to-day educational process, for members, for the profession, and for public education? How has the nominee’s involvement in the National Education Association or NEA affiliate(s) contributed to his/her success as a professional? How would the nominee persuade a new colleague to join or become more active in the Association?

3. Community Engagement: Specify in detail how the nominee has been involved in promoting public education in the community. In what other ways is the nominee involved in community activities/projects? The nominee, if also named the NEA awardee, must select a community project to receive one-half of the monetary award and indicate why that project was selected.

4. Personal Achievement: How has involvement in Association and community activities enabled the nominee to meet his/her own personal goals? What advice would the nominee give to someone entering the profession?

5. Enhancement of ESP Image: Describe in detail how the nominee’s activities have enhanced the image of Education Support Professionals at the worksite, in the Association, and in the community.

Deadline for nominations: The deadline for submissions for the 2023 NDU ESP of the Year will be September 30, 2023.

click here to nominate an esp of the year!