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North Dakota United is very proud to announce the launch of our new NEA Micro-Credential program, through cooperation with our national affiliate, the National Education Association, and the University of North Dakota.

What is a micro-credential? An NEA Micro-Credential is a competency-based recognition that is issued for professional-learning experiences. They are designed to support educators in both the development of skills and the acquisition of knowledge. NEA Micro-Credentials are created and assessed by teachers, and are focused on classroom practices that support student success. NEA Micro-Credentials are available to all educators, regardless of their membership status with NDU. Participants who would like to earn 1 credit through UND will be charged $75 for NDU members and $250 for non-members, which includes the cost of credit, online support and a small administrative fee.

“Micro-Credentials were created to support our members in their acquisition and utilization of specific skills,” said NDU President Nick Archuleta. “NEA Micro-Credentials are designed to meaningfully enhance classroom practices that support student success. These micro-credentials are convenient, informative and intended to be fully applied on the job almost immediately. This professional-development opportunity is something that I am sure will appeal to our members in education. There are so many topics to choose from that I would be surprised if anyone cannot find something of interest to pursue.”

NEA Micro-Credentials are on-demand learning and designed to be job-embedded. Do your learning when it’s best for you and take that learning into your classroom right away! NEA Micro-Credentials were created to empower educators and offer an opportunity to learn and be recognized for their skills. They are targeted to support students and offer personalized learning experiences for educators.

You can register for an NEA Micro-Credential right now, in two easy steps:

Step 1: Log into the NEA Micro-Credentialing Bank, create an account, browse for topics you are interested in, click the image to see a synopsis of the micro-credential, click apply when you ready to start.

Step 2: REGISTER through NDU and pay for the course.

For further assistance, please contact or call us at 701-223-0450.