Gov. Doug Burgum delivered the 2022 State of the State Address today in Fargo. North Dakota United President Nick Archuleta released the following statement:

“On behalf of 11,500 members of North Dakota United, the state’s largest union of public educators and employees, I would like to applaud Governor Doug Burgum and his team for including our members in his vision for the future today in his annual State of the State Address. It is clear that Governor Burgum recognizes the urgency of efforts to provide quality, affordable childcare to the parents if we are to have a well-trained and vibrant workforce.

“In his speech, Governor Burgum noted that the state has directed over $114 million in federal funding to support the childcare sector, and that he is committed to ensuring that available and affordable childcare will remain a top priority. North Dakota United shares the Governor’s vision to make sure affordable, accessible, quality childcare is available to ND families. We also would encourage the Governor and the Legislature to double down on efforts to ensure childcare workers are paid appropriately for the critical work they do for our communities.

“Governor Burgum’s vision of continuing investments in our Pre-K-12 public education system, and ND’s system of higher education, are well received by our members. The investment in each is absolutely vital if ND is to train and attract the workforce we need to make our economy boom. Burgum acknowledged the significant role our educators play in this vision, and we could not agree more. That is why it is vital for our lawmakers to take actions in the 68th Legislative Assembly to address the growing problems of teacher recruitment and retention. The shortage of teachers and education support professionals across North Dakota is unprecedented and undeniable. North Dakota United stands ready to partner with Governor Burgum, parents, school boards, administrators, businesses and lawmakers to address these genuinely concerning issues. Our students deserve nothing less than a coordinated and civil effort from all of us, working together to create a more prosperous future for all North Dakotans.”