The NDU Foundation Board of Directors recently made a change to the application process for the Joseph A. Westby Leadership Award.  The Board would like to make the development of current and future leaders of NDU a higher priority of the Foundation.  Therefore, to provide additional opportunities for both staff and members to participate in leadership development opportunities that benefit both the individual, NDU and its locals, the Foundation board has allocated additional funds to the Westby program and eliminated application deadlines.  This allows individuals and locals to apply when an opportunity arises.  Applications for this grant can be found HERE.

The Joseph A. Westby Leadership Award’s purpose and structure remains unchanged.  Simply, the applications can now be submitted at any time throughout the year. NDU members and staff are eligible to apply.

Upon his retirement as NDEA Executive Director, Joseph A. Westby established the Joseph A. Westby Leadership Award in recognition of Westby’s 45 years of leadership in education, including 32 years within the Association. Westby recognized the need to encourage members and staff to pursue leadership training.  Upon his retirement, friends and colleagues in North Dakota and across the country provided the initial funds for the award.  Westby himself, made a number of contributions, to the principal of the fund.  Upon his death in January 2015, the family dedicated memorials to continue to build the principal of the fund.  As Westby stated, the continued success of the Association is dependent up developing its future leaders at the local level and amongst the staff.