After the past couple of years we’ve had, it’s clearer than ever that educators’ voices need to be heard, amplified, and trusted when it comes to our education system.

Teacher Appreciation Week is May 2 to 6 — and we want to hear from you: How can students, parents, administrators, and lawmakers best show their appreciation and respect for you? What kinds of support do you need the most?

Tell us what would mean most to you. Leave us a message at (202) 455-4371 to share what you really want this Teacher Appreciation Week.

Each year during Teacher Appreciation Week, we encourage everyone to #ThankATeacher because educators truly deserve the gratitude of the communities they serve. However, with educators planning to leave the profession in record numbers, it’s clear that gratitude and gifts are not enough.

Share with us what true appreciation means to you — from small gestures to sweeping legislation—so that we can call upon our communities to give educators like you what you need to continue to bring their best to your students each day.

Even if you aren’t an educator, but you’re somebody who wants to help teachers and education support professionals get the resources and assistance they need to do the outstanding work they are all capable of doing, you can help us at North Dakota United and the National Education Association by signing our pledge. By doing so, you pledge to support the change that educators really need.

We have several other ideas for how you can help us celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week. Visit NEA’s Teacher Appreciation Week webpage for the latest updates, details about how others are celebrating across the nation, and more! Or text CELEBRATE to 48744 to start the simple process of leaving a message of appreciation to be shared with real educators or, if you are an educator, to receive these messages and be reminded of how truly special you all are.

Thanks for helping us to make this week, and every week, the best Teacher Appreciation Week possible!