North Dakota United is listening and responding to your concerns and questions surrounding the start of the school year. We want to assure you that #WeAreUnited with you as we face continued uncertainty.

In this video, North Dakota United legal counsel Michael J. Geiermann addresses some of your most frequently asked questions including wearing of face coverings, use of sick leave, and medical privacy concerns.

2:06 — Can the school board require students & staff to wear masks or face coverings?

4:24 — Is the school board requirement of wearing masks for students/staff unconstitutional?

5:59 — May a contracted staff member refuse to go to school due to fear of getting COVID-19?

7:56 — May a school district administrator request medical info from a staff member who calls in sick?

10:05 — Can a school district mandate the taking of a temperature for students/staff?

11:23 — Can a staff member use sick leave because they’ve been quarantined due to COVID-19?

12:35 — Can a school district or administrator require COVID-19 testing before employees return to work?


In our second video, Geiermann addresses more frequently asked questions including are you entitled to extra compensation for distance and in-person teaching and learning, can local associations renegotiate contracts due to the pandemic, and should you sign anything that gives your employer authorization to contact your doctor regarding medical information?

2:31 – Can a school district require masks?

2:59 – Do you (member) have the right to wear a mask?

3:19 – Can a teacher ask students to wear a mask when it’s not required by district?

5:58 – Can local EAs petition to negotiate over re-entry to school protocols?

7:37 – Should members sign anything to authorize employers access to medical info?

9:46 – Does a member have to use sick leave if they are quarantined?

11:26 – Does a negotiated agreement remain enforceable during pandemic?

15:34 – If a teacher is required to teach both distance learning and in-person, are they entitled to extra compensation?

19:15 – If a member has a medical condition and is high risk for COVID-19, what steps should they take?

22:58 – Are there any penalties for educators retiring late in the year?