The North Dakota United Foundation has generously donated the funds to provide FREE professional development courses to ALL NDU members beginning Sept. 1, 2022, through July 31, 2023. This is an amazing benefit of membership! Each member will save $100 for every course taken.

“Our goal for Professional Development through North Dakota United is to offer our educators the best opportunities for growth and learning we can,” said Amy Flicek, Director of Professional Development for North Dakota United. “When we offer our best to our educators, this helps them do their best for our students.”

We also think you’ll love our new Professional Development website that highlights our extensive offerings! You’ll find course topics ranging from mindset, self-care, student engagement, student poverty and engagement, behavior and classroom management, trauma, innovation, and more!

“I think North Dakota United is going to provide the widest variety, the most interesting and the best PD in a flexible format that you’re going to get,” NDU member Tamara Waters-Wheeler said. “That’s why I think they should access it because there is no better deal. I mean if you’re a North Dakota United member anyway, it’s free! And even if you don’t need the credit, you’re not going to get such a good deal elsewhere and good PD!”

Visit to find a course that interests you. We think you’ll find it easier than ever to sign up and find courses that matter to you! If you have questions, please contact Amy Flicek at