During these uncertain times in our state, country and even across the world, workers need to be mindful of their rights and responsibilities. Now more than ever, you need to have someone who has your back, who is looking out for you and will give you the advice, guidance and expertise on the rules that guide us as all as public educators & employees.

North Dakota United is the collective voice & energy of more than 11,500 public educators and employees, as well as students of education and retired public educators and employees. Together, we are United for YOU.

Starting in April, ND United is starting our Early Enrollment program for 2020, which is made possible by our partnership with the National Education Association. Pledge to join your union now, and your monthly dues payments won’t start until October. You will have access to a select list of exclusive member benefits, including expert advice from field staff; discounted rates and access to our extensive professional development courses, up-to-the-minute information and news relevant to you and your occupation that is delivered directly to your phone, computer, e-mail in-box and mailbox; discounts on shopping, travel, insurance and more. Maybe most importantly, you become a member of the state’s largest, most effective champion of quality public education and public services.


Just click the Sign Up button above to download a PDF of the Early Enrollment 2020 Form, fill it out electronically and email to comments@ndunited.org. Or print it out and mail to:

North Dakota United
301 N. Fourth St.
Bismarck, ND  58501

Thank you for all that you do, United for North Dakota!

This offer is only available to pre K-12 public school teachers and support staff, or faculty and staff of our 11 public universities in the state of North Dakota. Anyone who has ever been an active member of NEA or the American Federation of Teachers in the past is not eligible for Early Enrollment, but can join September 1.