Congratulations are in order to all of the legislative candidates who received the endorsement of North Dakota United and won election on Nov. 6, 2018!

NDU members choose candidates to recommend based on information collected through voting records, candidate surveys and face-to-face interviews. Your endorsement matters! You work on the front lines of public education and public services in the state of North Dakota. Your communities look to your opinions and expertise in deciding who to elect to lead. In the N.D. Senate, 13 of NDU’s 18 recommended candidates won their races. Those women and men were:

7     Nicole Poolman

9     Richard Marcellais

11    Tim Mathern

13    Judy Lee

21    Kathy Hogan

23    Joan Heckaman

35    Erin Oban

37    Rich Wardner

41    Kyle Davison

43    JoNell Bakke

45    Ronald Sorvaag

In the N.D. House of Representatives, 19 of NDU’s 33 recommended candidates won election or re-election. They were:

9     Tracy Boe

9     Marvin Nelson

11    Gretchen Dobervich

11    Ron Guggisberg

15    Dennis Johnson

15    Greg Westlind

17    Mark Sanford

21    LaurieBeth Hager

21    Mary Schneider

25    Alisa Mitskog

25    Cynthia Schreiber Beck

27    Thomas Beadle

27    Ruth Buffalo

35    Bob Martinson

41    Pamela Anderson

43    Mary Adams

43    Matt Eidson

45    Mary Johnson

47    George Keiser

The quality public education and public services that our members provide to all our students and citizens is at the heart of what our union strives to do. Every position that our union takes during legislative session, every action we lobby behind, is based on us all doing what’s right for the recruitment and retention, the safety and security of highly qualified public educators and public employees.

Additional congratulations go out to NDU’s endorsed candidate for N.D. Attorney General, Wayne Stenehjem. And the NDU Board of Directors chose to recommend a “yes” vote on Measure 1, the ethics measure, which won passage in our state. And the Board recommended a “no” vote on Measure 3, to legalize recreational marijuana, and that measure fell short.

Your voice matters! United, we voted, we knocked doors, we made phone calls, we talked to our neighbors, friends, family and colleagues about the importance of the elections. We requested absentee ballots in record numbers this year, and we expect that the numbers will show that