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New Business Items/Bylaw Amendments/Resolutions

2018 NDU Resolutions adopted 4 14 18


New Business Items


In the fall prior to a NDU Delegate Assembly, every member shall have electronic access to a copy of the current NDU Constitution and Bylaws as well as a copy of the current NDU Resolutions. In addition, a description will be given for the process and timeline for proposing amendments or changes to these documents.



Request the Board of Directors study and make a recommendation to the NDU Regional Assemblies on changes on Bylaw additions:

  • including NEA-Director to the Executive Committee
  • limiting the President, Vice-Presidents, and At-Large Directors to two 3-year terms
  • electing officers by a statewide all-member vote



To request the Board of North Dakota United to study the structure of dues for adjunct faculty and graduate students.



That the membership charge the NDU Board of Directors to take the action necessary to include gender identity and expression in Article III Section 2 of the NDU Constitution.


Bylaw Amendments

Bylaw Amendment #1: (PASSED)

Section 4:  Termination

“Membership in NDU may be terminated if it is determined by the Board to be in the best interests of NDU.  The proposed termination of membership shall be brought to the Board upon the recommendation of the Executive Director. The member will be given not less than 15 days written notice of the recommendation to terminate membership. The member will have the opportunity to respond in writing not less than five (5) days before the Board action on the recommendation for termination. The decision of the Board is final.”


Bylaw Amendment #2 (PASSED)
Bylaws-Article VI

Section 1:  Nomination

The right to nominate candidates for all offices, except retired director and student director, is open to all active members.  All candidates wishing to be included in pre-election NDU information must file with the Election Committee a completed nomination petition bearing signatures of at least 50 active members no later than Feb. 15 immediately prior to the election.  Nominations from the floor or write-in candidates may be accepted for all offices where no candidate has qualified.


2018-20 Budget as presented (PASSED)



-To protect the institute of Higher Education tenure.

2019 Legislative Agenda adopted by DA 4 14 18